Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Perfect View

Just when you think you are all caught up with what is happening - BAM - a new and even more awesome set of photos arrives - thanks again to Karen and Keith.

We knew that they have been making amazing progress, but suddenly it is really a house!
The view from the neighbour's (Charlie)

And from the foot of the driveway

The roof/ceiling in the Master Bedroom and adjoining Terrace

And of course - the Perfect View from the terrace - over looking the pool

And the view from the front - yes, that is the ocean!

And out the kitchen window is the jungle!

Progress Notes for August - 2

More photos from the month - a little less construction detail oriented!

Framing of the guest room starting and roof on tower and bedroom underway.

Framing of guest room and pouring of slab

rebar for floor slab

more rebar and cement

the bedroom wall - the post sticking out is the peak of the guest room roof

the stair tower

if you are standing in the middle of the pool looking back through the house

the little room at the back is the powder room

second floor roof and terrace taking shape

Progress Notes for August - 1

The builder sends photos each month showing the progress being made - - lots of details of construction and such that the great photos we get from our friends don't capture. The latest installment arrived Thursday. While we continue to be amazed with the progress everyone is reminding us that the outside moves quickly - the inside takes a very long time.

early in the month - ready to start the second floor

second floor is set in concrete

view from the terrance

second floor progress

the pad for the carport

start of the roof

that will be the guest room one day

more roof

all that mud - and they just keep working!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Little Treat and a Place for the Guests

OK, let's start with my favourite thing about Costa Rica - - SUNSETS!!!  This one from last week!

Karen sent more photos.

They just keep on building - - progress is amazing.

As of Monday August 23, framing for the entry and guest room is in place.

Reservations anyone?

Colour Me ...

I have just spent one of the most frustrating weekends trying to pick colours for the house.

We start with the roof - typical clay barrel tile (metal actually) - so browny red - we have a photo, but who knows if the colour is right.

We have to paint the exterior - usually one colour, with white borders around windows - something tropical but not ridiculous - Lisle suggested "coral" - it took very little time to discard that one - - "the boys in the pink house" we are not!   Something yellow or cream, or peach/apricot.  Having searched the entire Sherwin Williams colour block there are a dozen swatches marked - guess that is some progress.

Inside - again a major paint job - I am leaning to bone or cream - lighter than the outside but not white.

Finally there is the wood - they have 4 stains - brown - uninteresting - - dark - way too dark - - red - think dark cherry - - honey - sort of natural.  All the ceilings, doors and cabinets will be this!  I think we will see if a mix of the red and honey is possible - is that strawberry blonde?

Our first days in San Jose (September 30 - October 3) are planned for selecting floor tiles - which go throughout the house - - so tying down the colours before that is necessary - 5 weeks to nail this - or go colour blind!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Raising the Roof - Phase 1

The last time I talked about about the roof, we were contemplating increasing the height.  Well this time the roof really is going on!

It is so kind of Karen to keep us up to date on the progress!

It is shocking how fast things are moving - and not quite as we were anticipating.  I think I shared what we thought was the plan - full 1st floor, followed by 2nd floor then the roof.  Seems they want to finish the 2 storey part of the house and then move on to the 1 storey guest room and carport.

The need to be there is growing by the day!  It seems almost ready to live in!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Step Up!

With the end of a week we see the second floor emerge.

They only started with footings on July 6, and on August 7 second floor walls have started

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Busy Weekend

While we spent the long August weekend in Saugatuck Michigan, it appears work continued in Ojochal.  These are from Monday August 3, 2010 - Thanks to Sonya
The site from the top of the road

Construction rubble will transform into a guest room eventually

The wall panel system

The front of the house

View of the house from the pool

Reassuring the second floor is strong enought to stand on

The second floor structure - steel and styrofoam covered in cement

Working on the front roof

Close up of the steel structure that supports the roof at the front of the house

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