Monday, July 28, 2014

Peck of Peppers and Other Stuff

This is a world of extremes.

Here it is sun or rain - - seldom much in between.  Fortunately Hot without the cold.

Things grow or they don't - especially the things you are trying to grow - the scrawny sage and rosemary is struggling not be join the previous 4 attempts in plant heaven.  Meanwhile the little hot pepper plant we grew from seeds - it is taking over the herb garden and turning into a tree.

The peppers are REALLY HOT and we are overrun with them - time to start a hot sauce business.

Then there are the mundane things - electricity - you have it or you don't - like the water!
Or the printer - - it prints wonderfully, but the scanner has decided it is on strike - the microwave works, but the exhaust fan is exhausted.

Lisle is busily painting the exterior lights that were once black and are now white - bleached by the sun/salt.

Fortunately no surprises that we can't handle.

Rain, Sun, Fiesta

Not only did it rain all day Friday, but Saturday was even worse - sitting in a cloud for much of the day with barely a glimpse of the distant mountains or ocean.

But the sky cleared in the night - how do I know that?  Well I was outside scooping the frog fiesta from the pool.   What is it with these guys?  The second it is dark - croak - - croak croak - - - croak croak croak - - they don't actually sound like that but I am not sure how to type  ggrrruuupp.   1 nearby.  1 a little further away.  Another.  I sit and listen.  I say to Lisle - they are in the pool - What? - the frogs, they are in the pool - How do you know? - - I know, come with me . . . . Pool light on - patio light on - there they are - 4 little frog fellows frolicking - - skimmer rides for them all into the jungle - - an hour later - croak!  Sunday night - all over again - - let's see if we can train the little guys!

Sunday was beautiful btw.  Sunny - not too humid - - spent an hour lounging in the pool - - such is life!  And a sunset to boot!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Thursday we went to visit our friends Doug and Samira.

They just moved into their new home in Chontales.

Chontales is the most recent of the Ventana developments.  It is about 13 km south of Ojochal and then inland - over one set of mountain ridge, down the valley - over a second ridge.  Spectacular home with spectacular view of the ocean.

While they are not the first home to be completed - probably 4 others - they are the first full-time occupants - 2 or 3 others are expected by the end of the year as nearby homes are completed.  All of these homes seem to be taking a very long time to complete - Doug and Samira were delayed waiting for the electricity to be connected.

They have had the good fortune of being here through construction (renting in Ojochal), so understand all about life in the jungle - now they are just a bit more remote - a beautiful spot to be alone in!

Another dream begun!

Friday, July 25, 2014

So Today It Rained

Not continuously all day - but it was there.

When we got up at 6:30, there were the little concentric circles in the pool - spreading and connecting - a light morning rain - almost more of a mist - the sky bright but overcast.

The humidity grew, and the sun broke through, but showers came intermittently.  You would hear them coming through the trees.

The sky over the ocean was clear, but the mountains shrouded in mist and clouds - white and then grey and then black.

The gardeners came and it rained on them - plucking the 'weeds' from the various gardens - trimming - - then the sun again.

More humid - really need swim - in the rain - pool warm, rain about the same temperature - refreshing but almost decadent - who swims in the rain!

That feels way better - some reading - the rain comes and goes.

The sunsets - it just grows darker - and the rain comes - heavy - 15 minutes and it is gone - quiet - likely more to come - definitely - - - lightening and thunder - should be a show tonight.

All the while - - no water today - pipe burst and had to get it replaced - back now - - water here but not there

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And So It Grows

It is actually hard to believe that the house is 3 years old this past April, and the landscaping was complete 3 years ago this month.

These photos show the transformation.

Not only has the planting changed, but so has the jungle - you can see the difference over the shower - a giant tree came down last month - hit the pump house (fortunately no damage).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ojochal - Summer Edition 2014

Well, here we are again - having arrived yesterday and spent today getting provisions and checking in with the neighbours.

When last I wrote, we were homeless - well that resolved itself and we moved in May to a great apartment at Bay and Wellesley - two blocks from my office and accessible to everything.

The house closed without incident, and so there really remain no 'ties that bind'.  My current retirement plan is July 1, 2016 as the redevelopment project concludes - we'll see if I can make it that long.

Lisle spent much of April diving - Fort Lauderdale and Little Cayman - and the past 3 weeks studying spanish in Guatamala.  He is quite the adventurer now that he is unemployed - I mean retired.

So, the house is great - the weather is unusually hot and humid.  Our pre-dinner swim turned into a shower as the sky darkened and the rain started - but who can complain!

Lots more soon - including photos