Thursday, April 6, 2017

Weather You Like It Or Not!

That's right - WEATHER!

You can't escape it.

It might be the sun and the wonderful breeze - or maybe a bolt of lightning, a crack of thunder and a tropical downpour.  Here, all of those things have greater relevance to what you do day-to-day, or when you do it.

So, the geekish person I am, I bought a weather station.  I know, if you want to know the weather, look outside - and I do that - in fact for the most part we live outside.  But I want to know - just how hot is it - just how much rain did we get yesterday - i was freezing last night, how low did the temperature go?

It is a great device - sits on a pole in the garden and measures temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction and rainfall.  It feeds it all to the internet where the history is stored.  AND, because I am a generous person, I can share it with everyone on Weather Underground.

So if you want to see what the weather is in Ojochal right now, take a peek at My Weather Station. Scroll down and you can see the history for the last week.
Or click on the Forecast for Osa link - it usually says the next 10 days are sunny and 33C!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yes, We Have No Bananas - STILL!!

So, the banana plant started to fruit - a big bunch.

It grew and then it just at there and, best I can tell, rotted.  Never big enough to eat, but so tantalizing!  The landscapers cut down the tree (they are only good for one bunch) and will let the 'baby' grow.

But there is still hope!  the banana plant next to it just sent out a bunch - guess we will have to see how this one goes.

And there is hope on other fronts - Blossoms!!
Citrus, and


Have some pineapples to plant, and the Papaya trees are 3 feet tall!!

Watch out Chiquita and Dole - our fruit empire is about to explode!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

North American Consumptive Behaviour

People in big cities across North America think nothing about zipping to the store for whatever they need.  Shopping is a pastime.

Here, shopping is about the necessities - unless you go to San Jose.  We made such a pilgrimage this week.  48 hours of shopping, eating, driving, spending.

We went with specifics in mind - outdoor dining furniture, outdoor clothes dryer, water filter cartridges, sodastream, pendant lights for the kitchen, BBQ accessories, pressure sprayer, gas can, extension cords . . . . EPA, Walmart, PriceSmart, Cemaco

And there was also the mule list - the "oh, you're going to San Jose - can you get me a ..." list.  Never a bother to help the neighbours as they have helped you before and will again.

2 nights at a hotel (Studio Hotel in Santa Ana) and 2 nice meals (Lo Spago and the Studio Cafe, Bar and Grill) with the days filled with shopping.  All in all a productive but exhausting excursion.

Items of note - 

We wanted outdoor dining table and chairs for the gazebo.  A friend said to check out CR Patio.  It was near the hotel, and WAZE said to turn into this dirt drive off the highway (yes, the toll highway has all sorts of little drives and lanes on and off - we aren't talking offramps - a drive with potholes and ruts that you need to move through while trying to get your vehicle off the road where everyone else is going 100km).  Just off the road was a metal gate and guard.  We told the guard we were going to CR Patio.  He raised the gate and pointed around the side.  There was a giant transport truck parked and unloading patio furniture into a lot - no way in.  The guard motioned around the other side - the whole place was a equestrian center - or was at some point - paddocks, walking rings, jumping equipment, but no sign of horses or activity.  Another guard came out ahead and walked us through a set of gates and pointed down the stairs.  This place was obviously a clubhouse as some point, with what looked like a restaurant sitting on the second floor overlooking the action and the abandoned swimming pool down below.  Down the steps, a guy stopped unloading the truck and came over.  He took us into the "showroom" - clearly this place was not meant for public access, dusty and cluttered.  He showed us stuff - all intended for large spaces - all high end Castelle furniture for what seemed like a steal.  We didn't buy anything, but it was well worth the experience.

We wanted a SodaStream (beverage carbonation system).  Until recently they were not available in Costa Rica, but I found a place online and had connected with a representative.  With rough directions we tried to find the place without success.  A phone call the next day got us better directions, so off we went.  The company was in Pavas - one of the San Jose suburbs, near the National Stadium.  We drove around and finally found the landmark - the Pizza Hut corporate office - it was supposed to be in front of this - no obvious sign of Pura Vida Co2.  Another call - there is a drive and a chain next to the Koehler showroom - tell the guard you want Bodega 12.  Ok - a whole warehouse complex - no obvious signs for any of the businesses - we ask one of the many people coming and going - #12 is pointed out - a half-full warehouse - plywood and such - an office on one side - oh yes, this is the place - turns out SodaStream is a side business for a custom melamine cutting company (state of the art computerized cuts for homes condos and resorts).  A cup of coffee - conversation with the owner - a tour of the plant - we leave with our SodaStream.

Just 2 adventures in our retail therapy!  Not just another trip to the mall.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yes, We Have No Bananas

That has been our problem.

20+ fruit trees on the property but no fruit.

6 banana trees, 3 mango trees, 2 water apples, a starfruit, several papaya (they are pretty small we grew them from seeds), citrus in large number (I hesitate to say what type as here anything citrus seems to be a "Limon"), cinnamon and 6 avocado trees.  All without any fruit and most have been planted for 5 years.  Lisle is "very disappointed".

Well, our fruitlessness has come to an end.  Yes, we have BANANAS!!!

No they are not yet ready to eat, and lord knows that any number of creatures may devour them before we get a taste, but they are there and they are growing.

Standby for the tasting!!