Sunday, November 13, 2011

4 weeks

Yes - 4 weeks today we will be airborne - jetting south for another month in paradise.

Here in Toronto, the chaos started some time ago.  The accumulation of the many things to travel with us.  The growing pile of the miscellany that occupies much of the dining room.

There are the 2 beach chairs (Big Bubba Chairs - you know we are older more mature fellas who need that extra bit of space - for our fat asses!), kitchen gadgets (juicer, slicer ...), spices and assorted food enhancers (never know when you will need Montreal Steak Spice), computer cables and the giant hockey bag that was the only thing we could buy that was large enough for the chairs (yes buy - you think we play hockey and have a bag hanging around?!).  And I know I have left things off this list, largely because I don't know what's been added!

And I am not sure it is done yet - yesterday Lisle said - - "We should buy a Christmas Tree and decorations to take down!"   NO to the tree - YES to some appropriate decorations.

Today is likely the start of packing all this.  4 weeks moves fast, and we are so busy at work the week days flash by.  Besides, there is no wearing shorts and flip flops in Toronto right now! (although today is 15 and overcast).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Going Bananas!

So, never really thought that it would happen BUT we have our own BANANAS!

Unfortunately they are not the edible ones (there are so many different kinds!) - those are growing on the other side of the lot along with the other fruit (mango, papaya, starfruit, citrus, etc).

Everything else keeps growing as well - - thanks to Karen for the photos (see you in a month!)