Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bill and Deb

We spent last Sunday afternoon with Bill and Deb in a pub with beer and burgers.

They live in Barrie (about an hour north of Toronto), and are diving head first into the Costa Rica dream.

They purchased land in Chantales in February and have moved into house design - the plan is to be in paradise in 2014.

Lots of questions, lots of ideas, lots of fun - - too bad they will be so far south!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

News from the North

I was going to say frozen north, but we haven't been that this year.  A balmy winter with very little snow - at least within the Toronto city limits.  No boots, no shovels and a comfortable walk to work.

Today we sprung ahead to daylight savings time - now it might actually be light until 7 pm - we are close to reaching 12 hours of daylight with spring a week away.  Funny how 12 hours of daylight and when it happens isn't an issue when we are south - but here it seems a gift from heaven.

The combination of my mom's passing in February and the reality of my work environment has started my mind in motion - spurred by the fact my pension statement shows my early retirement date as March 1, 2014!  Maybe Freedom 55 can be a reality!!

News from down south - we have had 3 very successful rentals - all suitably impressed with the accommodations - mostly impressed with how well stocked the house is - read that as Lisle has every gadget known to man - even in the jungle! 

While we have been warm this winter, Ojochal has been baking - high temps (35) and no rain.  Makes for great beach weather  (can't wait to hear about the moonlight beach picnic and bonfire) but is disastrous for the roads that dry out and crack!  I am sure there are complaints about the dust as people drive by!  I hope the hot dry trend doesn't mean extra wet later on - still no bridge in sight for the river!

Apparently the Begonias don't mind the weather!!

Well the dates for our return to Ojochal are coming together - early July likely.  I am pushing for 7 weeks, but not sure Lisle can do that. It's killing him that I might be there longer than him!