Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fruits of Our Labor!

One of the great things about life in the tropics is the fresh fruit and your ability to grow it in your backyard.

We have had success with pineapples.  They take forever to grow and you only get one fruit from the plant, but fresh like that is absolutely indescribable.

We also have the forever bearing hot pepper tree.  We actually can't keep up with it.

We have about 15 fruit trees around the property - various citrus, water apple, star fruit, avocado, mango - all planted about 4 years ago, and none with any fruit ever - - - but maybe there is hope - the lemon tree, and another citrus - likely lime - hooray!!!


Storm of the Century?

Lisle is in Ojochal at the moment, and we were chatting last night around 5.  He said it was really getting dark and starting to rain - low heavy clouds.

He texted shortly after that the power was out and the winds were crazy.

Something really dramatic happen -

reports of a tornado in the village - trees down all over

People still without power after 24 hours.

Lisle just shared photos of our property.

Giant trees from the valley behind us have crashed onto the lower area of the lot!

We have had trees fall before and the noise is outrageous, but Lisle said the storm was so intense he heard nothing.  He didn't know anything was wrong until he was standing at the kitchen window and thought the treeline looked odd - he went to look and found the mess - - fortunately no damage to the house!

Time for a chainsaw!