Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heat of the Night

How I miss that - the warm breeze, the jungle sounds!

Toronto's winter has been great by northern standards - most days above freezing and very little snow.

I told my boss this week that I needed more time away from the office and was looking at 7 weeks in July and August - she almost fell off her chair.  Then I added that my early retirement date is only 2 years away.  She said maybe having me here for another 5 years with a more flexible working arrangement was a good thing - we will see how it all shakes out.

4 months a year enjoying the heat of the night, even if I need to do some work, will be a good thing.

Strangers in the House

We had our first renters at the end of January.  From all accounts, they loved the house and plan to return (I heard they bought property during their stay).  They were connected to a group with Steve Linder and Steve has some great photos of the house and the group - very odd seeing photos of your home with strangers walking through the bedroom and down the stairs!

The second renters just left, and the third are expected next week.