Saturday, May 21, 2011


Perhaps the most exciting thing about Costa Rica is the plants.  Everything grows there - effortlessly.  Plants we treasurer in our homes in Toronto (the temperamental ficus) or wish we could grow in the garden ( a splendid hibiscus) are right at home or considered weeds in Costa Rica.

So to planting at our new home.  Cleared of vegetation to allow for building, it is time to renew the tropical look and feel.  So let it all grow back naturally you say - that would mean razor grass and nettles, dense vegetation that needs a machete to cut through, and not very hospitable or attractive.  So, something more staged is needed, but hopefully it will in a few months feel part of the jungle behind.  Perhaps even our own bananas and pineapple - Pina Colada here we come!


Things happen even when you are too busy to notice.

Work has been crazy for the past couple weeks, but the activity in Costa Rica has continued.

As I said, the punch lists stuff is well underway.  The missing electrical outlets have appeared
As have towel bars
and water faucets
They all make for thrilling blog material!!

The really interesting stuff is the landscaping!  Christian continues to make amazing progress.

 The water feature at the top of the drive - Christian says he is painting it PURPLE!
The jungle walkway behind the house

Other than the driveway, the hardscaping is done and the planting starts on Monday!  Can't wait to see the return to tropical splendor!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Punch It Up

So, clearing the punch list is underway - in case you don't know - the punch list is construction speak for the list of deficiencies.

Sheila's guys have addressed the kitchen fan, and Robert has 'an army' working on the various building issues.

Meanwhile Christian has started on the next phase of landscaping.

Photos to follow.