Monday, September 8, 2014

Ties That Bind

We all have those things that tie us to places.

We have been working to deal with the many complications of our lives - retirement - sale of the house - getting rid of the clutter.

The only real ties are family.  Both my parents are gone, and my son is very self-sufficient.  Lisle's mom died about 20 years ago.  Sadly, his dad passed away early Friday September 5, 2014.
He would have been 95 next month.  We had seen him dwindle over the past few months, and it seems he was waiting for us to return from Costa Rica.  Lisle got to spend time with him on Tuesday and Wednesday as he was alert from time to time.

Today, Monday September 8, 2014, Lisle came home after a day of funeral planning and stuff to find one of our cats had died during the day.  Artemis was 13 and had been overweight - thyroid issues - hip issues - a loving pet.  It was clear on Saturday that she was unwell, so no real surprise - but a shock for him to find her on the living room floor.

Two departures in a few days - a sad time in our house.