Saturday, February 23, 2013

Change Creeps Forward

There are signs of progress - something that may one day be a bridge - trees have been cleared and there are steel beams gathering on the ground.

I know the river looks more like a creek, but when it rains and the water is going over the log in the photo, you dream of a bridge!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Did You Know ...

We have learned to expect the unexpected - and that the unexpected is always the most interesting.

Did you know that ...

The snake plant - mother-in-law's tongue - flowered??

Moths are the size of luncheon plates?

Lizards like to sit on the sofa too?

Bananas and pineapple can grow in your backyard?

Ginger is beautiful as well as tasty?
Showering outside is the ultimate freedom?

 Someone left these strange spheres all over the Osa Peninsula?

Wet dogs can fly (almost)?

Frogs are sneaky - but not very smart?

Every day ends perfectly with a sunset and a glass of wine? 
and finally - my husband thinks I'm a little crazy?!

The Real Reason to Live in Costa Rica!

YUK!  A foot of snow - windy and cold!