Sunday, March 23, 2014


So, the house in Toronto is SOLD!

Listed on March 10 with offers considered March 18 - sold for asking - no conditions!

I guess that makes us homeless!

Have an application in for a rental apartment - should know Monday or Tuesday - 2 blocks from my office.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another Step

I guess the first step was building the house!

The next step is disentangling ourselves for life in Toronto.

My son James is set in his life - a job he likes, an apartment, friends.  The only real encumbrances are Lisle's Dad (95, in a nursing home, frail but sharp, needs support) and the house!

Oh the house - 1875 rowhouse in Cabbagetown.  We have called it home for 15 years.  Early in those years home ownership was exciting - renovations, gardening, backyard dinners, gossiping with the neighbours over the fence.  Today, it just seems like work - it takes time and money from other things that have become more important.  So, be done with it!!!

5 months of clearing accumulated stuff, no longer needed papers, extra furniture, books, DVDs, things, things and more things has come to an end.

Monday it goes on the market.  Tuesday the agents have an open house.  Saturday and Sunday the public open house.  Tuesday March 18 we take offers.

Check out the virtual tour

Keep your fingers crossed.