Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dream ... and the Reality

In the thoughts of vacation home and retirement, it is very easy to forget the realities of this dream.

Sunday, after a day at the beach, Keith and Karen were unable to cross the river.  They headed to friends for dinner and returned later to find it still high.  Keith scoped it out, and they were able to make it through and spend the night in their own bed.

Unfortunately one of the locals and his grandson were not so lucky - swept away crossing a nearby river about the same time.  The forces of nature are not something to underestimate.    Hmmm .... a bridge is sounding better all the time.

On a cheerier note, a new photo.  Keith was out in the car with the dog (actually it's the neighbour's dog but I think he prefers Keith and Karen) - Lisle said this was taken from the CoffeeCam!  The new structure is the carport.

Monday, September 6, 2010


This picture sits in front of me in my office, and at my desk at home. 

In my office it sits below a poster of the new hospital we are building - a project I am responsible for.  Both are finished design, both are starting construction - the hospital will be another 5 years to completion - the house, another 7 months or so.

It is remarkable how guests to my office pass over the corporate image of the hospital and the messaging and say - Is that your house?  Which leads to a great conversation about Costa Rica and a life outside of work, and dreams for the future.

Every day, especially those days when you are sure the world has gone crazy - and there are many of those - I get to take a breath and visit Ojochal - sitting under a ceiling fan on the patio reading a book and listening to the sounds of the jungle.

Now that's motivation!  It will be even better when I can replace it with a photo of the finished product.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

And For My Next Trick ...

I Will Make A House Appear!

One more week of work, and suddenly it is a house!  Hardly ready to move in, but all the elements are there and it really looks like what I expected.

The other interesting thing about photos is that you start to see things that worry you - they are missing a window here - those windows aren't the same size - that doesn't go there.  Guess it is time for a quick note on these to make sure things don't go too far without correction.


So Lisle ran into the bedroom this morning - "Are you awake?  Did you see the picture from Karen?"

I responded that I had looked at it last night before bed and that is was fantastic.

"I can't believe there are monkeys that close - right outside the kitchen window!  It almost doesn't look real!"

Probably because it isn't I replied - Just another gift from Karen - the picture of the monkey in a tree off their terrace taken in June, and the picture of the kitchen window from last week.

Maybe it is best to be awake before reading your email!!