Friday, August 26, 2011


While Costa Rica is generally too far south to be hit by a hurricane, that doesn't mean it escapes their wrath.  

For the past few days, hurricane Irene has been raging off the coast of Florida - she is HUGE - and is dragging warm moist air from anywhere she can find it - that means pulling air masses from the Pacific, across Costa Rica and into the hurricane - all meaning RAIN for Costa Rica - especially the coastal regions.

Rain also has its rewards - stunning sunsets and amazing plant growth.

We had some extra work done on the landscape - the potted plants - planted!  and some additional stepping stones to let you walk on a hard surface and avoid the wet grass (wet feet slip on the tile!!)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Proud Papa

Forgot to mention that despite our efforts to eliminate the maternity ward, it would seem that some survived - or we are playing "Honey I Shrunk the Toad"
He was on the table on our last morning and spent two hours hopping about before disappearing - I think we'll call him Junior!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

So before we left, we signed off on the construction and on the landscaping - a really big deal - 6+ years of thoughts and dreams a reality - signed, sealed and delivered!

While it felt like the end, it is really just the beginning - with new friends, new community and new adventures.

And just as we were leaving, we found an interesting piece of memorabilia - the building permit - glued to a piece of plywood and wrapped in plastic - now at home with us! - a little note written on the back in pencil "viernes 27 de febrero de 2011 dia de relajar en la tarde" - I hope they enjoyed the time off!!

Guess I need a new title for the blog!!

A Collage

Found this nifty software that creates photo books - for free (pay if you want them printed - but who needs that when a digital version can be so easily shared!).

I think this is a great mixture of everything the house has come to be - inside, outside and all around