Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Tasty Place

Certainly Ojochal is remote - especially in a Canadian context - but I like to think that it is the perfect mix of cosmopolitan living off the beaten track.

A good example - A Taste of Ojochal!!

9 Chefs and an 8 course meal - believe me this will be a spectacular evening as we have eaten at almost all of the participating restaurants - too bad we will miss out!

A great example of how much this little village in the middle of nowhere has to offer.

Leader of the Pack

4 weeks today we will be back in Ojochal - so of course, the packing conversation has begun!

Given the prices and availability of seats, we ended up buying business class tickets - so we get an even BIGGER luggage allowance (4 cases at 70 pounds each - not sure that is actually a good thing).  What to pack, what to pack???

Actually clothes and toiletries for both of us will fit into one suitcase at no more than 50 pounds - so the question is, what to do with the remaining 3 cases and 230 pounds (and that is before carry-on)?

There is the bottle of rum from Cuba, the seashells from Veradero (the best thing about the beach there) and a set of bongo drums I bought from a street vendor, Various kitchen gadgets that have been accumulated in the past 4 months - did you know there is such a thing as an avocado slicer?  The walking sticks I bought for Lisle's birthday will fit in.  Some computer stuff as well (hubs and wireless bits).  Then there is art work - we have some interesting pieces that are packed away that would really do well in the house - native american from British Columbia - folk art from New Orleans - paintings fashioned after 1940's movie posters - Mexican folk art.

Every time we go, a little bit more goes with us and stays - an interesting transition!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pool Blues

Since the summer we have been working to resolve problems with the pool finish.

It seems that your typical painted pool has very little longevity in the tropics - not sure why that is - we re not the only ones with an issue, pool finishes are a common topic of discussion.  

As we were faced with the need to apply the 3rd new finish in a year, we decided paint was not the way to go.  That leaves tile!  Ok, so lets pick a colour - - well there is blue, blue and blue!  At least that what is readily available - your typical public pool turquoise, or a dark blue.  Not impressed!

So we began the search for other tiles in the colour we wanted that we could afford and that we available in Costa Rica.  With the help of Christian we found Ezarri tiles  Of course they are in Spain and ship as needed to Costa Rica - after much back and forth, we determined they had the tile we wanted in the country in sufficient quanity so they didn't need to order it specially.

Once that fell into place, the rest has been amazingly simple - payment, delivery, installation - - Christian and Robert have been fantastic.  While we have yet to see the final product the reviews from the neighbours have been very positive.

Hopefully a permanent solution to this - we'll see when we arrive Dec 23!!

Pics of the tile and the work in progress