Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yes, We Have No Bananas

That has been our problem.

20+ fruit trees on the property but no fruit.

6 banana trees, 3 mango trees, 2 water apples, a starfruit, several papaya (they are pretty small we grew them from seeds), citrus in large number (I hesitate to say what type as here anything citrus seems to be a "Limon"), cinnamon and 6 avocado trees.  All without any fruit and most have been planted for 5 years.  Lisle is "very disappointed".

Well, our fruitlessness has come to an end.  Yes, we have BANANAS!!!

No they are not yet ready to eat, and lord knows that any number of creatures may devour them before we get a taste, but they are there and they are growing.

Standby for the tasting!!

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